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Need Triggers for Dynamics 365 Operation



There are no Triggers available for Dynamics 365 Operations like 'When a record is created, Upated, Deleted'. In our current project we have to flow data from Dynamics 365 Operations to Sales. 


Is there any other way to achive this ?



Krishna Sundeep

Status: Completed

We have released triggers for Dynamic 365 Finance and Operations -- you can read more about it here:

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Hi DLaskewits,


I think the discussion if here to enable a 2-way street instead of just having D365 fin ops as the receiving end only. Like D365 for cust service or sales. But, thanks for the link though. I did notice a few new actions I hadn't seens (or read) before :).


I love this Flow stuff. It's very powerful and allows for a lot of creative solutions. It reminds of a LEGO like toolbox that a company called To-Increase had ('Solution centre') in the older Axapta 3.0, 4.0 and AX2009 versions. 



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Apparently the D365 triggers can be done with Azure Event Grid + Logic Apps. But we surely want this functionality in Flow.

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Hi team - As of now we don't have any built in trigger for Dynamics 365 operations action the way we have it for Dynamics 365 CRM or share point.


Triggers are extremely helpful to invoke flow design as and when the action takes place. It really helps from auditing standpoint as we can email to a security distro on account of new customer or vendor account creation in ERP system.


Would really appreciate if some action can be taken in this regard...  

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Really need trigger based actions out of D3FO. CDS 2.0 is already behind schedule and the client is becoming increasingly frustrated at MS that Flow will not work as well. Exploring Scribe Online...

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For us it is not a comfortable situation to been forced to build a logicapp for the missing trigger to d365fo. especally with the knowlegde that this trigger will come in the future. Please get that issue on your prio-backlog item list and let the community know, when we the idea status is switched to planned.

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I need this so that once a picklist is generated I an kick off a shipping process.


I'm working on a project that would allow me to put this to use this week.



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I also need this for a number of integrations, it seems to be planning for a very long time.

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Just went live with our D365FO project today. Very sadly I had to realize again that many of those shiny promises are not working.

No triggers for flow available? Hard to believe, but true. Another drawback.




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Is there an ETA when Triggers will be available for D365 F&O ?


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In order to avoid developments, we need to have triggers for D365FO