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Need a Sharepoint trigger when a list item is deleted

It seems like basic functionality to have a trigger when a Sharepoint list item is deleted, but somehow, that functionality doesn't exist. I'm not sure exactly how you could have created a trigger for when a list item is created and NOT realized, 'hey, maybe we need to have a trigger for when the item is deleted, too'!

Status: Completed

Good news - this item is completed, you can read about it in this blog post : - there are now triggers for both When an Item is delete and When a file is deleted. Thanks!

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@StephenYou cannot claim that this request has been implemented when the implementation does not even allow us to access the fields of the record that was deleted (I am using a CDS entity, not a SP list, but both have the same severe limitation).


Here is a request to propertly implement this feature. Please upvote.

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You got my upvote.


Brian make an excellent point, just because the added feature may have fulfilled your current need doesn't mean it's a complete feature. Everyone who voted this up originally should upvote the new request so we can get a more robust delete trigger w/ data access.

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Desperately need a trigger for a sharepoint file download/view too.