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Need a Sharepoint trigger when a list item is deleted

It seems like basic functionality to have a trigger when a Sharepoint list item is deleted, but somehow, that functionality doesn't exist. I'm not sure exactly how you could have created a trigger for when a list item is created and NOT realized, 'hey, maybe we need to have a trigger for when the item is deleted, too'!

Status: Completed

Good news - this item is completed, you can read about it in this blog post : - there are now triggers for both When an Item is delete and When a file is deleted. Thanks!

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We need the same for both list items and Document Library files! I want to easily sync selected files (based on a "Share with Customer" column") from our Internal Site to the customer's External site. Of course, when the files are deleted from the internal site, they should be gone from the customer's site as well.
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The same. Please this trigger is important for us.

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In the meantime, a workaround I have is a "Delete?" field [Yes/No] in my SharePoint list that the user (or a script, for that matter) uses to delete an item - by writing "Yes" (True) to the field.


A flow triggered by an item change then first checks this field and deletes said item accordingly, along with any other actions that I would want this to trigger.


Crude, but may help in some situations.

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Need exactly the same but preferred on "Deleted files" from a library. So i could start a flow when user has deleted an item and copy it to the archive before (that's the "default" way i know it from Workflows in SharePoint and Dynamics CRM..). Thanks!

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Need this functionality, can't believe it's not there

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I'm also need an event "when an list item is deleted", please.

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Me too. I need this

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I need to replicate our health system's order set files (used for patient care) from sharepoint to a file share for downtime/emergency purposes. Flow would work awesome for this except when files are deleted, I can't trigger anything... not even an email let alone a file system delete. This really limits the usefulness of this product for true CRUD functionality. Please add a trigger for files (or items) being deleted in sharepoint... desperately needed to make this tool valuable.

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also need the trigger "when item is deleted" ASAP. Please add it!

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This is the only missing piece on my flow. Please add it. Thank you