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Need a Sharepoint trigger when a list item is deleted

It seems like basic functionality to have a trigger when a Sharepoint list item is deleted, but somehow, that functionality doesn't exist. I'm not sure exactly how you could have created a trigger for when a list item is created and NOT realized, 'hey, maybe we need to have a trigger for when the item is deleted, too'!

Status: Completed

Good news - this item is completed, you can read about it in this blog post : - there are now triggers for both When an Item is delete and When a file is deleted. Thanks!

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Use case:


1. When an item is being deleted from a list (or was deleted), start a flow.


Ideally I would have access to the properties of the item that is being deleted, such as the ID or title so it can be included in subsequent flow actions.

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Yes PLEASE! Exactly what I need also.

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Still having issues with update items (put in a request) Deleting would be the next one so yes please. Flow is so close to being able to create and maintail secondary lists based on a primary list it is frustrating to see a few bits missing. 

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Really need the DELETE trigger for items - that would make a complete CRUD process...

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I totally agree.  Without delete trigger Flow cannot be used to automate list actions. 

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SharePoint trigger when an item is deleted is missing in the predefined flows 

It would be helpful when this trigger is added as part of SharePoint triggers

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Missing this feature means we can't use Flow with Sharepoint... please implement.

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I really do need a DELETE tigger on a List - Please Microsoft get this into Flow!!!