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Need a trigger when a mail is read (Read Receipt in Flow/Powerapps)

I don't see any trigger for mail, when the email is read by the receiver. I have a requirement to store email content and it's attachment into sharepoint. When certain mails are viewed by the receiver, need to set the status of item in sharepoint to "Email Read".
I can see the action "mark as read" but that doesn't address  my scenario as it SET the Read value not GET it is not a trigger. Also read receipt without any workaround doesn't solve my issue.

Please help me out this issue or any workaround.




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Hi @pNabin 

After reading your post seems like you are saying that there is already a way of obtaining a Read Receipt in Flow. How do you do that?


Many thanks.

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Sorry for the confusion. Read receipt doesn't exist in outlook connector currently. 

Some scenarios can be addressed by Send email with Options but that doesn't works for me.
"Mark as Read" only marks the email as read and its not a trigger.




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pNabin, were you able to figure this out using the Outlook Connector?