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Need to populate the word template with rich text

I’m using the flow action ‘populate a word template’ from data in a SharePoint list. I’ve had a look at Word and there is a rich text option in content control which is what I need but it doesn’t seem to work in Flow? Flow doesn’t seem to pick up the schema like it does if I use the plain text option. This is very frustrating since my users enter data in rich text in SharePoint but flow converts to plain text and all their formatting is lost. Flow Support tell me this is a bug.


This is particularly annoying because the action ‘populate a word template’ is now a premium feature and I have had to buy an expensive flow licence of $15 per month to use it. 


It would be great if it worked. 


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PowerApps has a rich text control for text input and Microsoft's very own instructions state that to transpose inputs from a PowerApp to a Word document is to use a Power Automate flow with a Premium Word Connector.  Big problem when the Premium Word Connector doesn't support rich text!

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This would be so useful! I'm hoping to populate with URLs but this is currently not supported