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Need to update user profile property using flow

Curretly no extension to connect with sharepoint user profile property , if we need to update workemail,mobilephone,profile pic, and other custom created profile field of oraganization than we dont have any option to update with this

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I can understand why no one would be beating down the doors to do this (consultants?!), but given the move to many SaaS HR solutions, this should be a no brainer.



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I need skills, approval 

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It drives me mad the Microsoft lets us down with the simple things.  There is an AAD connector that lets us update all sorts of fields.  But what MS nerd figured "nobody will need to update the address fields, let just leave them out"  I mean, WTF?  tons of AAD fields are missing but all the custom advanced ones are there?!  it makes no sense.  Just get on with it, fix this dumb stuff and let people use the platform properly.  

Now I need to spend a couple of hours coming up with a custom solution using Graph.  Why do you keep doing this to me!!!!  Grrrrrr.