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Nest Flow within a Flow

Want the ability to Nest an Existing Flow within a Flow - Like in Logic Apps -

  • So we can get around the limitation of a single action within a Do Until
  • Make Flows more moduar and reusable
  • Open up the opportunity to build common or complex Flows as templates that can be embedded within end-user Flows
Status: New
Level: Powered On

This is possible using the HTTP action and wrapping a manual request/response Flow in a custom connector so that your users can select your actions from the action list like any other action. My concern is that I quickly hit the 50 Flow limitation which does not make Flow a great platform to roll out enterprise workflows for large organisations.

Level: Powered On

In addition, the HTTP action pattern is not a user-friendly pattern. It is best suited to small modular actions like sending an email since it involves passing data in JSON objects that have to be built manually. This does not fulfill the no-code nature of the Business Application Platofrm. We need a method to nest a flow within a flow so that can be done easily within the UI without manually building JSON objects.