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Nest Multiple Actions under Do Until

I am looking at different ways to run long running flows.  I saw the example about setting up a recurring flow but was looking at adding a delay condition within a do until loop....  The idea would be as follows

* Do Until an item is approved in a SharePoint List by checking the status field in alist item ( using a Do Until Loop)

* Send an email asking someone to approve the list item( Eamil Action)

* Delay for 1 day

* Rinse and repeat with the delay in the "Do Until"


Not sure of Flow supports rehydrating long running Flows in this fashion...


I do see that I could us an If to test the apporval condition and set up a reccuring flow as another way to do this


WIth only 1 action, I am not seeing the value of the Do Until loop  versus the If statement... Maybe you can comment...