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Netatmo Connector

I want to use Netatmo with Microsoft Flow, for do some jobs relate temp, rain, etc.


Netatmo Connector:

1. Netatmo - When temp is over specific.

2. Netatmo - When rain is started.

3. Netatmo - Current temp.


Yoshihiro Kawabata

Status: New
New Member

I like the Idean. Netatmo weather is great. I would like to use some netatmo data to trigger other services


all use cases.

take temperature, rain and wind data from netatmo


use case 1: if winds are gusty retract blinds made from fabric. protect from destroy because wind


use case 2: if its raining or if there was heavy rain recently tell lawn mover stay in garage (sticky grass on wheels and inside. mess on grass itself


use case 3: if temperature in one room is too high start AC (AC here is dedicated per room but cooling is centralized) 


Memorable Member

Hi @BettyBossi


Yes, I want your use case 1,2,3 with Microsoft Flow.


I hope Nesatmo connector

I hope Vote for this idea.



Yoshihiro Kawabata