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New Action - Create News article when new Document is added to Document Library

I have been able to use Flow to help the one department take Word document that they create on their private site and then Publish it as a PDF to the public site were all other users can read the document.

At this time, the process is that the creator of the document then creates a News article and embeds the document within the post using Document Viewer. Then the creator uses the Send an email option to let readers know that it is available to be read.

It would save a lot of time if there could be a Flow to create the News article and embed the document inside of it, since this is used at least twice a week by the one department (and if this was possible, other departments would follow along with the same type of process). Right now, most are saying this process is more work and it is easier to just send it via email and trying to bypass SharePoint completely. 

Status: New