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New Action in Flow: save email to Insightly

Hi there - need an action to automatically save emails in a designated Outlook folder to Insightly, but I don't see an Action to allow this?


The behaviour I want to achieve is this:  An Outlook folder is watched...Whenever an email is moved to that folder, the email is automatically saved and logged into Insightly - minus attachments.


This is to get around two Insightly limitations: (1) the Insightly side bar is too manual - you can only save emails one at a time manually.  (2) if you forward an email to your Insightly inbox it logs the email but date stamps it as the day you forwarded it, not the date of the email. 


So in terms of populating Insightly with email traffic so that you can run meaningful reports, there's a real disconnect.  This new Flow action idea could solve it.  I'm sure other CRMs need this too.

Status: New