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New Connector- Podio

It would be great if there could be a connector to Podio. There are a great many potential uses, from email triggers to updating other services.


The potential of Flow is huge, but it's only a viable option if it connects to a sufficient volume of services.

Status: New
New Member

I second this aswell. Would be hugely beneficial for our business need. 

New Member

 Would love to see this, we use Podio extensively

New Member

Hi there, 

I confirm the office 365 account with Podio would not only be usefull, but would be the first again microsoft Flow competitors that only offer connection to onenote personnal (e.g. Zapier). 

So this would be a big advantage...



New Member

Would love to see this as well!

New Member

With more than half a million of items created in our Podio workspaces, connector "Flow+Podio" would be apsolutely great!

New Member

We would find a Podio connection to Flow to be very useful.