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New Connector: Xero

It would be great to be able to connect to Xero. Large range of uses including notification of invoice settlement (internally, you can send a receipt to the customer in Xero), updating spreadsheets/sharepoint lists with relevant data, connecting Xero contacts to mail accounts, or email marketing tools etc.



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I would like notifications when a repeating invoice has been created

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It would be great if we could link Xero accounting to Flow!
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yes please Zapier is no where near as good as flow

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This would dramatically improve the value of Flow for me

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Bump for another supporter! And I'm the finance person who is looking for this....


Call me microsoft 😉

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This would be amazing! Who actually makes it happen though...Microsoft or Xero?

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There is a connection for Office365 within Xero but it would be amazing to have a Flow connector so I can associate Outlook CRM with customers and connect it to their Stripe payments. It's literally the only missing link it becoming the perfect solution for our business

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I would love to download all the receipts locally to my sharpoint libaray or even upload from my SP libarary

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Hi @Sbecks 


The company I work for called Commercient has an app that can integrate Microsoft Flow with Xero if you are still in the market for a solution check it out on Microsoft AppSource