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New Flow actions to set and update folder properties - Creating Document sets (Non Rest API way)



Document sets is an important feature of SharePoint as they play an important role in our information governance model.




The ideal solution would be to get specific actions for document sets. However, in the interim could we please get a flow SharePoint action to Set Folder Properties and Update Folder Properties.


Reason for the request.


I have found a way of working round the missing "Create Document Set" flow action, without using a call to the REST API. (Calling to the REST API is being blocked by a company firewall policy! and there is no appetite to change it at the moment)


Creating a document set - the Non REST API  way  .....




1. Create a document library in your site.

2. Enable content type management on the library.

3. Add standard or your custom document set content type to the library.

4. Create your template document set.


Power Automate (Flow)


1. Create a manually triggered flow.

2. Add a SharePoint "Copy folder" action to the flow. 

3. In the "folder to copy" field click the folder and browse to your template document set.

4. In the "Destination Folder", click the folder and select your target document library.


Run the Flow and your document set, should be created in your target document library.


Thank you.


Create document set with REST 

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Status: New