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New Planner Action - 'Move' Task

I would like to see the ability for a trigger to move a task from one bucket to another in Planner.

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Since the new automation with Planner and the 365 message centre has been introduced to our tenant we'd like the ability to automate the categorisation of the tasks created so they go into buckets for each appropriate support team, so being able to move tasks between buckets via flow would really make this easier

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Once again, if Microsoft want people to start seriously using Planner, then it must be possible to automate basic functions like moving a task between buckets. It's simple to get the bucketId of a task, surely it would be trivial to update the Power Automate actions to allow us to PATCH in a new bucketId.


We shouldn't have to resort to writing a custom connector just to do basic stuff.

EDIT: The Update a Task (v2) documentation specifically mentions bucketId as a parameter, but the activity itself does not give you the option.


Screenshot 2020-11-12 151427.png

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Without that, Planner is just a weak tool compared whats available on the market. MS, please do it. First and foremost, we need this to mark task "completed" when its moved to a "DONE" bucket Alone the idea to seperately mark a task completed when trying to mimic a kanban board with planner lets me shiver.


This FeatRequest is a duplicate of an even more popular one expressing the same:


With that, this topic has nearly 600 votes or something. Should be merged somehow with the upvotes merged too of course.

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This would be incredibly useful, and is a key gap to my usage of Trello for automation.