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New Planner Action - 'Move' Task

I would like to see the ability for a trigger to move a task from one bucket to another in Planner.

Status: New
New Member

This was suggested last year. Can we get some traction on this?

New Member

Anyone find a workaround on this? I would love to move a task to a different bucket when each "stage" of the task is completed.

New Member

This would be really useful if you could update the bucket!

New Member

It's a simple function!! How on earth no one in microsoft thought on that????

Regular Visitor

Need it!

Frequent Visitor

Updating bucket ids would be monumental

Regular Visitor

Would really like to be able to automatically move Completed Tasks to a Completed Bucket.


I currently have a work flow that sends a status report for specific buckets. For task archiving I move them to a separate bucket when complete and reported on. It would be great if this could be included in the flow by having a move task to different bucket option. 

New Member

This is really needed