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New Planner Action - 'Move' Task

I would like to see the ability for a trigger to move a task from one bucket to another in Planner.

Status: New
Level: Powered On

It would be even better to be able to move a task from bucket x in plan y to bucket b in plan z

Level: Power Up

Very much would like this. Currently using Trello's butler add-on to move on-proof tasks to Chase up after a week. We are considering moving to Planner from Trello but it is a major limitation that those features cant be replicated.

Level: Power Up

We use Jira today and the workflows are much more sophisticated for boards.  This feature is sorely needed if you want teams to switch from other tools to Planner.

Level: Powered On

This would be awesome and I'm a little stunned its not baked into thre product

Level: Powered On

Sometimes we really miss those obvious triggers or actions. But there is almost a workaround, I created the following Flow to fix this issue: