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New Planner Action - 'Move' Task

I would like to see the ability for a trigger to move a task from one bucket to another in Planner.

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I agree. The menitioned feature could be a nice addition to planner.

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I would like to do something similar - track the status of the task in planner and use it to update the status of a sharepoint list item assocated with the task.

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Advocate I

The ability to move tasks between buckets is fundamental to Planner. The ability to automate tasks is fundamental to Flow.


What is missing is the ability to automate the movement of tasks in planner using flow. This massive oversight means that these two powerfull tools cannot be used together. There is no point being able to Create, Get, List and update tasks if one cannot also move the tasks based on set criteria. 

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It is simply weird why you can set bucketid upon creation but when you edit existing record you can't. Why do we have to waste our time looking for workarounds for such crucial functionality?

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I searched this function without success. It should be a basic function.


i wait to enjoy it



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This would be great to be able to update the bucket for existing tasks.  I would also like to pull the bucket ID and description from existing planner items to write back to an excel spreadsheet that I use to push data to Visio to use as a project roadmap/story map

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+1 also affected by this.



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+1 How on earth is this not yet a feature

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Really that it doesn't work, yet?


It's so obvious this function that the anyother similiar tool already has.


C'mon Microsoft!