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New Trigger/Condition - Flow Approval - Reassigned

Situation: Sharepoint Documents are uploaded with an approval status, when uploaded the document permissions are changed to read for the uploader and the approver.  When the approver reassigns the document over to a new person, there is no way to trigger an additional permission step.


Solution: A new condition or a Trigger that would show when a flow has been reassigned to a new user - I would then complete all permission changes as required.

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This would also make it possible to reroute approval reminders to the new approver.

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1000% YES - what is the point of a reassignment feature (that cannot be disabled) that CANNOT capture WHO got the reassignment!?


In current form, it's like this:


*Jane reassigns to John from custodial services*


*John approves*


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With reassignment the way it is currently, any signifcant approval process you create in Flow will get torpedoed by any competent auditor. It's a complete non-starter if the person who ACTUALLY approves the request cannot be recorded/captured.

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I was incorrect - I had customized my approval flow to the point that the reassignee info was obfuscated. Carry on.

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I need to notified the requestor of the new approver when approval has been reassigned. How can I do that?

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Hey @mick I don't think that's possible right now. At least, I don't know of a way to detect when an approval gets reassigned (and fire actions based on that accordingly).

What you can do, is after the approval has an outcome, you can see if the responder is the same person as the original approver. If it isn't, the approval was reassigned...


I'd post a screenshot but the forum hates me right now and isn't allowing it. Smiley Mad