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New User input type for triggers like Dataverse "When a record is selected"

Hi there,


So I have asked a question about Dataverse Lookup fields on how to use them inside an instant trigger as a user input type.

Which is why I am posting this here since it isn't available in Power Automate yet. 


The reason I am requesting to add this user input type is for the following case:

I want to duplicate a quote and right now I ask for the new Quote Code but I want to ask to which project that code should be added in since in some cases the quote can be duplicated for different projects It could be solved using a text field but its possible that the entered code is incorrect.

Which is why I would rather use a lookup field that displays a list of projects so that the user won't enter the wrong project and can easily find the project they are looking for.


I believe that there are a lot of cases out there that really could be solved with this new user input type.


I really hope that this will reach the roadmap one day!


Thanks in Advance,


Billy Cottrell

Status: New