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New action for SharePoint Site URL

Hi Team,


This is a general scenario I came across specifically in terms of migrating a flow from Dev to UAT or PROD environment. 


When ever we try to export and import flow from one environment to another, it always need to update site url in all the actions wherever used.


It will be wonderful to have a predefined action which will work list a assigning a site URL to a variable. which will be validated else rejected, and of-course then used in all the SharePoint related actions wherever necessary.


This will avoid update in each action post flow import into a new environment.    


Flow-Get Item.png

Status: New
Frequent Visitor

I miss this feature too. Not only site names, but lists too should be able to read/write from variable.

Right now, the only workaround is to use the Send HTTP Request to Sharepoint action and use the Rest API and the Parse JSON action to process the response.