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New action to create a new wiki page on Teams



We use Teams wiki for the minutes of our meetings.

It would be great for us to have an action to create a new wiki page on Teams, hopefully with Templates (I dont see that function anywhere so Im probably asking too much).

Thank you.



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I'd like this too. I'd want to be able to add a new section or a new page in a Teams wiki based on certain actions. 


Or even better, to add a new section and then automatically create a chat thread on that section which posts into the channel. (So people know the section is there.)

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I would like to put entire documentation on to WIKI 

then I would like to use power automate to update wiki based on for example change request and approval chain (after the input about instructions is placed for example when filling the sharepoint list form)

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We use the wiki to store historical release information, including features and bugs fixed pulled out of Azure DevOps and would like to automate this too!

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I agree! We use Teams for data sharing, and for our purposes it would be very handy to have an automated workflow such that when new data is added to the Files section (connected to Sharepoint), we create a new Wiki page for that data from a template. Great idea!