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New trigger: when a Yammer post has a keyword

We'd like a trigger for new Yammer posts that aren't specific to a group, and instead based on a keyword.


Trigger would be something like:

Yammer - When there is a new message with this keyword.


For example:

When someone posts with the word "SharePoint" in any group in Yammer, send a notification to our SharePoint SME. (Or put in an excel sheet, or send an email, or add to OneNote, etc etc)

Status: New
Not applicable

I woudl very much like this to also include topics.

Examples could be:

  1. Someone posts a #help in a message and this could trigger an email a support mailbox
  2. Trigger to create an Outlook task to follow up on a message
  3. #spam could generate a task for a community manager to check into a post to see if it needs intervention
Frequent Visitor

There is a new trigger "When there is a new message in my followed feed" but it doesn't tell you what feed it was posted in so it's really difficult to find the thread so you can respond. 


We need a new Dynamic Content tag that would pull in the Group ID or Group Name, and the Name of the Poster.

Regular Visitor

I would like to see a trigger based on a keyword as well.  For example, we are asking our users to use a specific #hashtag when making requests. 


I would like to create a Flow that triggers when that #hashtag is used and create an item in a list.