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Not able to save null value into date field(CRM DYNAMICS instance).

Need to store the Date field , based on codition if it is modified new value and if no change in value keep the same value, but this is not happening, i have tried if(condition,'new value',null''), but if i am not putting the value into the field '' the json on save shows "field_questionduedate":null, please help. 

I believe this is a bug with the microsoft Flow for DateTime fields.

Null values not saved crashing the Flow (saving some hard coded value for date is not the solution.)

QuestionDueDate is ""QuestionDueDate is ""Error 404 on save option.Error 404 on save option.JSON data after save the field (default no data)JSON data after save the field (default no data)



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I believe that am experiencing the same issue.


the inability to save a null value to a date field.


My current workaround is to use another field to copy from. Which means that i might have to create a new field and never put data in it.

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The Work around is use a tenatative unaccepatable date and store the value into Dynamics 365 (01/01/1965) and using busniess rule remove the specified value if this specific date(01/01/1965) is stored into Dyanmics 365.

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Yes, it's definitely a bug. Just think of the use case to import contact data with flow and you want to change the source datetime value into date value (e.g. birthdate). You can't do that with flow currently, because of the case that there is no value provided and it would result in "null". Then your flow will fail.

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The Dynamics 365 connector didn't support this. However the new common data service connector does support this update to NULL.


I would recommend using this new connector

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@IanO I am using CDS connector and using NULL in date field is throwing error. 


Can you advise please?