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Notification for received email in different Outlook account


Automically forward emails that are receive in a general account to a main account. 


As an employee I'm responsible for two email accounts. One is specificly assigned to me, so this is the one I really look at daily all the time. Secondly, I'm responsible for an general office account. However, most email I receive on this general account are not of value (advertising, etc.). Still, there are some that I really can't miss, and I would like to get a notification of these email in my specificly assigned email. I know from which email addresses I receive these important emails, so that's quite easy. I just want to receive an email to my main email account whenever I get one of those important emails. 

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Could you setup a "forward" rule in Outlook to accomplish the same thing?

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I am yoga teacher , I am thing use my email for personal.