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Notification if any card in planner is created in or added to a specific bucket

Using Planner as a main work planning tool for Scrum or Kanban, we have an impediments bucket for anything that needs attention/help from leadership.  It would be nice to have the ability for a notification to be sent to a certain subset of people any time a card is added to this bucket.

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Looking for this feature as well.  More specifically - I'd love to send an email to leadership each week with any completed plans or new plans. 

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A trigger for this in logic apps / flows ( when item is added to bucket) would be beautiful. Are there any work around for this currently?

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I managed to make a trigger that does stuff depending on in which bucket the card is created. Start with the planner tigger of "when a new task is created", then add a "condition" where you check if bucket id is equal to a certain bucket id.
Read here how to get the id of your buckets:


(Short summary: inspect the html of the page, select the title of the bucket, and follow upwards in the hierarchy untill you find the <li>, and take the id from that.)