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Notification if connection (access token) expired

I've the problem, that my flows stop running because the connection has expired. (As far as I know: after 90 days).

Unfortunately, I got this information a week later - as a summary of all my failed flows.

So in fact, my flows weren't running for almost a week! This was not the first time, so I assume, that this will happen also in the future.

Also very bad: if I'm out of office for a longer period.


  • I want to have the possibility see, how long my connections are valid or
    to get a notification/warning when my connections will expire in the next 2weeks/2days or something else.
  • I want also to have the possibility to update the access token manually.
    It should not be necessary to react, instead it should be possible to prevent connections from expiration.
  • If I changed my password, I should also get a hint to update my connections



"You can update a connection that isn't working because your account details or your password changed"

Update a connection (



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@JesperdenBoer , @iwalker@Toasteroven:
I think you have the same problem/request, aren't you?

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Hello @max81 That is true.

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Hi Folks, in our case, in order to avoid this, we have a special service user which has non expired password date. May be this will give you some ideas to think about!





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@diegoadum: that's of cause a solution for some processes, but we don't want to use too many service users. Also because that would make it really expensive if every service user need an additional license.


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@diegoadum , I believe using a service account with a non-expiring password will not prevent this problem.  We have just such a situation and we are still getting this issue.  I think it's that the OAuth token issued to the connection (that was configured using the service/user account), is only good for 90 days.  So even if the password never has to be change for the user/service account, any OAuth tokens generated by a "login" are going to go bad at 90 days.


So, I think @max81 's idea/request for a better way to manage/prevent such expiring tokens is a much needed item.