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Notification sound to be configurable

I use MS Flow on iOS to notify me on critical business events in Salesforce.

The notification sound on iOS is too soft and too short for me to wake up at night.
I want it to be able to select a sound as with default iOS wake-up calls, and to be able to select duration it should play (or until I switch it off manually)

Please consider this feature
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SuppooS,also for Android

New Member

There are at least few topics (some from 2018 I think) like that in "Give Feedback & Share Ideas" section, but... they (Microsoft) don't give a sh*t abut that... I don't know what is that "Give Feedback & Share Ideas" for at all if they don't care... Microsoft...

New Member

This is a MUST HAVE feature! My company is moving from the Apple Mail app to Outlook and Outlook doesn't have a "VIP" setting/alert for specific senders. My plan was to get around this with FLOW, but Flow doesn't allow me to change the notification sound.