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Notify Flow owner when trigger fails

The existing weekly "# of your flow(s) have failed" notifications do not currently include when a trigger has failed due to authentication issues.  These do show up in the error count in the environment-wide reporting in PPAC, but creators are not made aware of the failure unless they open the flow itself (or the admin notifies them of a potential issue).   It would be very beneficial to have these included in the existing notifications so the flow owner can take action on them more quickly.

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This is important to me too. I currently implement all code in a Main scope and have an Error scope at the end. I have configured the run after for the Error scope to run apart from when successful. The Error scope posts to Teams on a channel in my dev team with a link to the failed run.


It would be simpler to have a list of all failed flows that you are an owner of and configure notifications for any frequency [instant, hourly, daily, weekly].