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Null/Blank available when setting a value

When setting a variable or a dynamic content, there should be the possibility to use a predefined null/blank value for that field, so that errors are not possible in using the wrong type. MS Flow should propose in its values the right one (like for a date in Sharepoint or a text field), just to be selected in case.

Status: New
Advocate II
I'd like to know if this is possible as well. I am experiencing errors when trying to set yes/no fields to the null value. As it is prior to setting a value in the first place.
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PLEASE provide this functionality Microsoft!!  Hugely time consuming when you are updating multiple fields from another list... and the list is bigger than 5000 items so already have 5 'get' and 5 'create' loops to ensure each handles less than 5000 items at a time.