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O365 Groups Create Calendar Event - Specify Time Zone

The Outlook Create Calendar Event V1 and V2 actions allow the specification of a time zone - please bring this functionality to the Groups action too. This already exists in PowerApps connector Office365Groups.CreateCalendarEvent. See



Currently the O365 Groups Create Calendar Event does not allow the user to specify the time zone in which the event is created, and all events are created in UTC.


This is especially problematic when creating all-day events, as they must be midnight-to-midnight. When viewed in any non-UTC timezone, these become 24-hour events (e.g. in UTC+10, they appear as 10am-10am).


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Status: New
New Member

How the heck is this still not possible in 2021?

New Member

For 2022 why is this still not possible!  If I export to JSON and manipulate the Time Zone and import it back in, it does not work either as no matter what time zone format I use produces an error.  So, if we can manipulate the JSON code, what is the proper Time Zone formats that are acceptable?