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O365 video flow to social media



We would like to be able to use Microsoft Video to manage our video presentations.  I was wondering if anyone has made a flow for a named channel when a video is put into it that it then is pushed to youtube/facebook etc.  As we will be uploading videos frequently it would make the job much easier knowing that a video added to a channel could then be pushed to these outlets without someone going into each social media and logging into each time.  Any thoughts?

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New Member

Having a trigger that occurs when a new video is ready would be nice - i would like to use this to post a message to a specified Microsoft Team.

My though is to use this for example, when a developer completes a new feature, either the tester or the developer creates a video that is uploaded to videos.

When the video conversion/preperation is complete, I would then like a card to be posted to the developers team and possibly our sales team so that they can come back with feedback on the UI / design etc.