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ODATA Filter Query on lookup field in Get Items (Sharepoint)

Currently it is not possible to filter on a Sharepoint lookup field in the Get Items (Sharepoint) action. Please implement.


This is really unhandy because now we need to

  • (a) create an additional plain text column with duplicate data inside a SharePoint list or a parent-child list to replace the lookup column (potentially causes inconsistent data) so we can filter directly in "Get Items"
  • (b) or we need to loop each entry inside the list in the Power Automate Flow and compare to a value which causes loads of unnecessary actions and possible throttling issues if the Sharepoint list contains a lot of rows.


I already had a remote session with a power automate expert from Microsoft on this. We tried all different combinations in the ODATA filter like field/value or 'field' or 'field/value' and so on but it did not work.

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I ran into the same problem and after too many hours banging my head against this particular brick wall, I knuckled under and am running a filter against the list. This is functional but not performant (as the warning tells me every time I save the Flow). I can imagine this causing issues if a list grows to be too long.