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ODATA Filter queries on LookUp columns from a SP List

Currently, when using the Sharepoint Get Items-action, using an ODATA-filter fails on LookUp-columns for an unclear reason.

This is mentioned in This issue on PowerUsers.

The workaround is getting all items and then using FilterArray, but clearly this is not an efficient way of working plus you lose all context sensitivity (the Flow UI does not know which fields will be present in the FilterArray output).

There's hardly any solid reason for this to be so, so please fix this?


Update: I just found out what the reason is: apparently, for LookUp-columns, you have to pass along the ID of the "foreign" row. This makes sense in a way, but it would be good to document it at the least and/or provide a way to do the same with the "value" that is shown by default in the SharePoint list.

Status: New