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Office 365 Admin: Message Center

Is there a way we can pull data from the O365 admin portal? Would be handy to be able to get notifications when there is a new entry in the Message Center or be able to get a weekly digest to include the new entries since last time to push to a board or something.

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it would be great to access the MessageCenter from the Office 365 Admin Center!!


Thanks a lot 🙂

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In case the incidents occurs in the Office365's Service Health, I am currently unable to create the [Office 365 user]'s Flow within our business operation because we are unable to acquire the incident details there so that I can't send the messages automatically to the users who are needed to be notified of the information.

Since the e-mail notification to many users is significantly useful in terms of our business communication along both with mobile devices and browsers, I would say that it is helpful if you could implement the feature enabling to send the incident messages to many of our users through the Flow creation.

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I will like to be able to use MS Flow to connect to the message center on the admin portal then to power bi.

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It would be great if Servie Communication events could trigger a Flow.  Two examples:

1) Start a Flow when a new O365 Admin Message Center message arrives. This way, we can create a Flow that does something - like add the message to a SharePoint List - whenever a new Admin Message Center message hits our tenant.

2) Start a flow when a when a service alert (e.g. about a service degradation) arrives via the Office 365 Service Management API. This way I could create a Flow that could add an item to my monitoring or trouble ticketing system. 

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Have a Flow Connector into the Message Center would enable a lot of companies the ability to monitor, take action, and push information into things like a Power BI dataset to make it available to more of their operations staff.