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Office 365 Calendar Sync to Google Calendar Fixes and Vice Versa

I have successfully developed a Flow in a make shift way to sync an Office 365 Calendar to a Google Calendar. I have identified several improvements that could be made to the Triggers and Actions involved. I am using V4 for all Office 365 Triggers and Actions and the only version of Google Actions and Triggers available.


I have at least 10 items that could make everyone's day easier. There is no way I am the only person on the planet using Google for Personal items and Office 365 for work.


One of the fixes I have identified is the Show As and Status of a Google event are stored in different variables but only the Status can be filled in. For Office 365 only the Show As is available to use and not the Status. It would be so much easier to transfer information from one to the next with just these capabilities.


I have several others I have identified that could be considered bugs like the Office 365 Event ID variable actually calling the Calendar ID instead.


If anyone is interested fixing these issues, feel free to respond, I would fix them myself but I am not seeing where the tools are available to do so.



Status: New