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Office 365 Calendar to Google Calendar - Trigger on Events deleted

I am using the Flow templates for both creating and modifying events in Office 365 and having them flow to Google Calendar. So far, this is working well, however, when I delete an event in Office 365, the event does not get deleted in Google Calendar. Is this something that is coming for these two applications? 


Also, if there is a way to achieve two-way sync of calendars without having an infinite loop of events, that would be excellent to know as well. Ideally, I'd like both calendars to sync simultaneously, but I have yet to find a way to acheive this, either through templates or building my own Flow (although, perhaps I don't know enough programming language to build my own?)

Status: Completed

You can now set up templates that accomplish these scenarios: -- these include triggers on events being deleted.

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I would also like this functionality, it should be able to work in both directions though. If I delete an event on my Google Calendar, it should be deleted on my O365 linked calendar. Likewise if I delete an event on my O365 calendar, it should be deleted on my linked Google Calendar.

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I`m working with sync between O365 and Goggle Calendar and it`s better to have a delete trigger.

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Hello folks, I'm currently working on setting up a team calendar which takes triggers from events created on the team members' calendars (with conditions on when an event is categorised as "Travel", "Training", "Holiday"). The idea would be to have the Flow shared to all team members, and they would all fill in the same Excel file, which would show us a matrix view of all team members' availability. So far, I have also set up the triggers for event creation and modification, but I need the deletion step to have a clean interaction, and avoid having to manually delete the concerned rows. Is there any chance we get this feature soon?
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I've noticed that the Google Calendar integration has 'delete event' triggers, and both Google/Office 365 have delete event actions, so it looks the only function that is missing here is the 'delete event' trigger for Office 365 calendar.  If that gets added this should work very well.

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For the love of God, someone please make this work!

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Hear, hear... 


Im trying to sync calendars for two business and my personal life into one gmail calendar. The google calendar then syncs with my CRM that ties all these items together


It works great until an event in business A or business B or personal life needs to be adjusted or cancelled. 


Microsoft seems to think that a calendar only functions when events are created, but the deletion and sdjusting is just as important



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I am currently trying to sink a client's calendar with our software's built in calendar. Of course this is hopeless unless I have the delete and modify functions because I will never have direct access to the client's calendar. Please add this soon.

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Would love to see some progress on this... Not having a trigger for deleted/canceled events prevents being able to keep 2 calendars in sync. I have flows to Create and Update events which is working well, but when an event is canceled, there is no way to trigger that event to be removed from the second calendar.
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Seriously... how can you NOT implement this last (delete) trigger?!? What we're you thinking? Like PowerUsers only want CRU functionality in stead of full CRUD? Words can't even express my feeling. Very, very... lame...

Yes, we Need The Event cancelled/deleted trigger for Outlook/Outlook 365 Calendar