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Office 365 Group email Trigger

Trigger a flow when an email is sent to an Office 365 group mailbox.

This will be helpful to:

- Save attachments sent to a group to team document library or one drive (something like incoming emails on SharePoint on prem)

- Automate creation of events based on email sent to a group mailbox

Status: Completed
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We would be very pleased with this function. Cant wait...

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I have clients asking for this functionality (create a SharePoint list item from an email when it arrives in a distribution list, with attachements if they exist). From what I am reading the distribution list can be changed to a O365 Group which should work with Flow.

New Member

This would be highly appreciated!

New Member

Desperately need this, please add!

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We have need of the same. Surprising that it doesn’t work given that the Outlook 365 trigger for shared mailboxes already works. Should be pretty easy to add.
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 Please, implement this feature.

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This is exactly what I’ve been looking for. It solved very quickly the problem I was having gmail login

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Indeed, having the ability to trigger a push notification...or other action would be very helpful. Groups App was very useful for push notifications, with it's end of life...a new solution is needed and Flow would work nicely. Seems like this would be a natural fit, as one can create triggers for Outlook why not build for Groups email?
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I'm shocked this isn't available yet. We really need this as we're driving our communications and document storage with this.

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Yes please add this function!!!