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Office 365 Group email Trigger

Trigger a flow when an email is sent to an Office 365 group mailbox.

This will be helpful to:

- Save attachments sent to a group to team document library or one drive (something like incoming emails on SharePoint on prem)

- Automate creation of events based on email sent to a group mailbox

Status: Under Review

Hey folks -


Thank you for the responses.

I am following up with my team to see if we can add a trigger that allows you to trigger a flow off of a mailbox (irrespective of whether a given user is following / not following that mailbox.)


Stay tuned. 

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@arthurv - So based on you Spam change you at least got the 'workaround' to work?  Again, not a solution, just the workaround?

Update: turns out group emails were going straight past to the junk email. There's no way to add rules to groups, so I can't avoid that from happening. I hope it will eventually learn to stop throwing things in junk, but when I set it to Not Spam it went to my inbox.


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@schreibman sorry for the delay, I was waiting to make sure it worked, and it does. After I set all the recipients to safe to avoid going to junk mail, the emails started going to inbox, and Microsoft Flow picked them up.

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Has this idea gone anywhere? It was first requested over 18 months ago.  Sunay's original response does not satisfy the request - Flow does not trigger off of the Group Inbox recieving the message, only triggering off of the 'Followers' receipt of the message.  Why will Flow trigger off of a Shared Mailbox receiving an email, but not an Office 365 Group Inbox?  Office 365 Groups would have a much better chance of replacing Shared Mailboxes (which we want because end-users can more easily maintain access to Office 365 Groups, whereas Shared Mailbox access always seems to need an IT admin, plus all of the Office 365 Group features besides email), if they had just a bit more functionality to actually 'do' something with the messages in the Office 365 Group Inbox - trigger a flow, right-click to create a task or any of the other multiple actions one can do on a normal mail message.

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Providing more info, with respect to the 'Need more info' request below.
*  With the suggested way, the trigger is still tied to a user's account and hence dependent on that user being part of the group in question. 

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I solved it with a workaround.

First, I went into Exchange admin in office 365. I made a rule in "mailflow" that did the following : for every mail sent to the group mailbox, put a users's mailbox in bcc.  I did this because my group mailbox is configured not to send the emails to the mailboxes of the members of that group. Then I made a flow that triggers on a new email in that user's mailbox with condition "TO = groupmailbox emailadres". It works!
Of course, this is not perfect. It should not be dependant on an individual's mailbox. But as long as Microsoft does not make it possible to trigger a flow on a group mailbox, I think it's the only solution...