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Office 365 Group email Trigger

Trigger a flow when an email is sent to an Office 365 group mailbox.

This will be helpful to:

- Save attachments sent to a group to team document library or one drive (something like incoming emails on SharePoint on prem)

- Automate creation of events based on email sent to a group mailbox

Status: Completed
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Issue submissed at still no solution from ms side.

sad to see the importance to MS to support businesses which have chosen to use ms flows.

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Status changed to: Under Review

Hey folks -


Thank you for the responses.

I am following up with my team to see if we can add a trigger that allows you to trigger a flow off of a mailbox (irrespective of whether a given user is following / not following that mailbox.)


Stay tuned. 

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Hi - is there any update on this please as this is clearly a very important & needed feature? Thank you

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Can confirm, we want to use this feature. Thanks

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Is there any update for this important feature?

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How can Flow truly be an enterprise tool if it only works to monitor the mailbox of the person who creates the flow? I need this capability NOW to work with a group mailbox and others have been waiting more than 2 years. How much longer will we have to wait for this consumer requirement to become a priority for MS?

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Just a thought on this one.  Could there be a simpler way, by having the ability to create an email address for a Flow, so that instead of sending to a Group, the mail is sent to the flow directly, then the flow would do the email distribution and any other actions needed based on the email it receives.  This may be clunky on the managing of the group members, but if they are generally static, then this would be the way round having to monitor mailboxes.

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I am mildly disappointed to find out that this isn't a feature but a feature request. I'm new to the O365 and Microsoft ecosystem and was expecting a little more TBH.

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Hello I use the condition "when someone responds to forms, retrieve the email address and add it to a 365 office group". My problem is that the module "add to a group" uses the UPN and not the email address which is a problem for guests who are not members of my organization. How to do ?


Sorry for my rough english.

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I need the autoresponder for every incoming mail into group mailbox. As OOF responds only once, flow could fix that. Unfortunately I can't set trigger for O365 group but only action.