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Office 365 Licencing Reports

Hey all,


I'd love to be able to create a flow so that when I get an email that the Microsoft subscription has changed that it would then run a PowerShell script (or something similar) to send me an updated user and license report from Office 365. And ideas if this is possible or already been done?



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We have a similar 'need'. We're a multi-forest, multi-hybrid tenant with different companies on them.

This means we have to redistribute the monthly cost to the correct companies.

Right now I use a PS script that creates a csv file with employee's name, first name, e-mail address, company and AccountSKUID. THe file then requires some modifications so be legible and usable for accounting.

Would be great if I can automate the creation of that file on a schedule. The csv can then be re-used in PowerBI.

Currently the action I see for Office365 and Azure AD do not include the AccountSKUID attribute nor can you have Flow create a dump of all users, you can only get your own profile or that of a specific user.