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Office 365 Outlook - Move an email on a shared mailbox

It would be great to add an action for Office 365 Outlook that would automate moving emails on a shared mailbox to other folders within the same shared mailbox. Where we could:


  1. Select a shared mailbox.
  2. Enter Message Id (using dynamic content).
  3. Select a folder within the selected shared mailbox to move message to. 
Status: New
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Hi , 


It should be really usefull;

We automated a flow to automatically move attachement into specific on Premise directory from email received into a Share Mail Box but we can't move the mail into an other Mailbox directory to let the user know that it has been correctly processed.

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Rather than a piecemeal approach I would like to see logical groups of functionality implemented.


I need "Move an email (in a shared mailbox)" but I also need

"Get emails (in a shared mailbox)",
"When an email is flagged (in a shared mailbox)",

"Get attachment (from a shared mailbox)".


Would I need to raise individual requests and get sufficient support for each? It could take years given that this request is currently 9 months old and is still marked as "New" so is not even being considered yet.

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Yes. I want to do exactly this. 

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After some trial and error, i've found a workaround.


My flow now reads an email, handles it and then moves it in either an _error or _processed directory.  This all in a shared mailbox.


Using the 'move email' step.

But beware, this step will only show folders in your 'flow-user-account', unless you open the 'folderlist' on the trigger 'When a new email arrives in a shared mailbox'.



  1. edit flow
  2. edit trigger 'When a new email arrives in a shared mailbox'
  3. open folder list in trigger (which will load the shared mailbox folder list)
  4. now open folder list in the move email step (which will now show the shared mailbox folder list)

So all in all; it seem that the move-email step is bugged in that it loads the user-account list instead of the trigger-account

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@Evert0001  Fantastic find.  I  was able to get this to work!  Thanks for posting.