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Office 365 Outlook - Move an email on a shared mailbox

It would be great to add an action for Office 365 Outlook that would automate moving emails on a shared mailbox to other folders within the same shared mailbox. Where we could:


  1. Select a shared mailbox.
  2. Enter Message Id (using dynamic content).
  3. Select a folder within the selected shared mailbox to move message to. 
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This would be helpful, but I just create Outlook rules in that mailbox to do this.

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Yes, Outlook rules might work in some cases. But, If you are waiting for an approval process on Flow to get an email from the Inbox, and Outlook rule has moved the email (which happens instantly), then the process breaks.


This would also help the Flow move the email to a specific folder, depending on the responses you configure. 

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I'm also looking for this type of functionality.


I'm using it such as this:

1) Email with attachment comes into shared mailbox

2) MIcrosoft Flow then posts each attachment to my CRM.

3) Microsoft Flow marks message as read

4) *** Wish list item*** Microsoft Flow moves messages into "processed" sub folder of shared mailbox so that email is pushed out of the way for safe keeping.

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@androsteve I ended up looking at this post from a google search, and, down to the folder name I want to make it (Processed) you have hit the nail on the head!