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Office 365 Outlook - Set flag to mail

I want to set flag of incomming mails as Today, Tommorow, Complete for set priority by Micosoft Flow.

and Do the email issue within Today, Tommorow, or Complete.



1. Trigger : Office 365 Outlook - When a new mail arrives.

  by specific From:, To:, Subject.

2. Action  : Office 365 Outlook - Set flag to mail.

  by specific Flag



Yoshihiro Kawabata



Status: New
New Member

I have been using the "When an email is flagged" action, and it is a great addition.  However, I would like to be able to set what flag color specifically kicks off the action, and a way to have flow report back to Outlook by changing the flag color again (or ideally change the flag to a check) allowing the Outlook user to see that the flow has completed.


From what I can tell this currently doesn't exist as an option.