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Office 365 Outlook - Trigger when a new contact is created

it would be helpful to have a trigger when a new contact is created.  All sorts of actions may be useful out of this - create a file, send an email etc.  I would use this with an Excel Spreadsheet that I and some customers use.

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We definitely need this trigger.  Ultimately, we want to a flow that will add the created contact to a SharePoint list.

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Yes, this would be extremely useful

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And Also for customer manager

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Not only for creation, but in general for all CRUD operations on contacts we need triggers. It just doesn't make sense not having them as there are so many cases where they could be used with 3rd party address books, Dynamics CRM, SharePoint and so on.

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I want to use Flow to send an automated email to new items in a Contacts folder, such as new connections in LinkedIn.