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Office 365 Outlook integration with shared mailboxes

Similar to JorgeCarvalho's suggestion to allow SharePoint mailboxes to be targeted by the Office 365 Outlook integration (


It would be supremely useful if we could select shared mailboxes too (and even resource mailboxes too) for Flows. At the moment, personal credentials are chosen (shared mailboxes don't have authenticable accounts).

Status: Completed

You can now both trigger on shared mailboxes and send mail from shared mailboxes. Read more here:

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Yes please, Admin->Acitve User->Search for user/sharedmailbox and click on it->Reset password.



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Wow, thanks Kamil, you are right! This is fantastic, not only does it make flows easier but now Shared Mailboxes can be added to employee phones!
Power Automate Staff
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This is a big requirement for one of my customers. They have a large workforce working in the field mailing reports to HQ targetting a functional mailbox. When the reports come in, Flow could be used to file the attached reports to a SharePoint library. This works for a personal mailbox, but the functional/shared mmailbox support is a big requirement to make this work.


I hope this idea make it 🙂


Love Flow. Keep on doing the magic that you do. Kudo's!!

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I'd add that the ability to trigger off of O365 group emails would be tremendous.