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Office 365 Planner



Will you implement Flow for Office 365 Planner also, if so do you have any ETA for this?


Thanks for an excellent solution so far!

Status: Completed

Good news: you can now create planner tasks with the new connector. Read more here: - if you have futher requests for planner please open new suggestions. Thanks!

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I agree regarding tasks found in emails to add to Planner. You could use Microsoft Flow to integrate email information such as tasks and have it automatically add new tasks to your Planner or to a teams Planner.

Please integrate Planner with Flow.


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Until Planner properly syncs to Outlook Tasks, please allow Flow to connect Planner and Outlook Tasks.


Or even SharePoint Tasks (since those will sync to Outlook)


Or even Dynamics Activity Tasks (since those will also sync to Outlook)

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The planner is very isolated and not only with Flow but with calendar and others. It also needs a user management with a privilege manager. It needs a several performances so that in my opinion it is useful for the improvement of productivity.

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I think using a Flow to trigger some event (like status update or reassignment) in planner would be useful. I am also looking at having Flow create a timesheet entry from a planner assignment event.  

Having Flow work with Planner is the first step.  Having integration to the rest of O365 would be good for Planner too.

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Yes, Planner integration is a must.

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Planner is an AWESOME tool for my team!   We're loving it, but it's isolated from everything.  For example, tasks assigned to me in Planner don't show up in my Office 365 task list, etc.  Having FLOW integrate with planner could really drive efficiencies with my team!  Please implement!!!!!


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This was my first hope for the Powerapps/Flow capabilities and it happened to be right at the top of the wish list.


We use Sharepoint (and have for years) to maintain project databases, client lists, etc. We have started using Planner, and it's great, but If we could integrate Sharepoint and Planner, then we'd have a really powerful combination. We could create plans from new Sharepoint items, update lists as Plans change, etc.

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I like planner a lot, but it would be even better if I could integrate it with Todoist through Flow

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+1 vote for that


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Status changed to: Planned

Planner support is something we're working on, unfortunately, we cannot provide an ETA at this time because there are fixes required in the Planner REST API that are required before it can function in Microsoft Flow. We are working with the Planner team to get these changes booked so we can light it up in Flow. Thank you!