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Office 365 Planner



Will you implement Flow for Office 365 Planner also, if so do you have any ETA for this?


Thanks for an excellent solution so far!

Status: Completed

Good news: you can now create planner tasks with the new connector. Read more here: - if you have futher requests for planner please open new suggestions. Thanks!

Power Automate
Status changed to: New

Planner support is something we're working on, unfortunately, we cannot provide an ETA at this time because there are fixes required in the Planner REST API that are required before it can function in Microsoft Flow. We are working with the Planner team to get these changes booked so we can light it up in Flow. Thank you!

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It warms my heart to know you guys are listening. Thanks for the update!

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thank you! this is great

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Can someone provide a status update on this feature. This seems like a great candidate for our incident management practice.

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Outstanding idea!  After a discussion with an internal customer who would use this, I searched flow and did not find anything pertaining to Planner integration nwith Outlook.


This is needed, and would be used.

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I'd like to create new Planner Plans when new records are created in Dynamics 365.

Since not everyone needs a full project planning/resourcing tool like Project Service in CRM/365, what I'd like to do is promote CRM cases to Planner plans and tasks.

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+1 To Flow & Planner integration. It would help me automate task planning from email sooo much.


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Completely agree on this.  As it stands now, I will continue to leverage Trello (which is why MS released Planner) as I can integrate Flow/Trello/PowerApps.  It is surprising to me that given MS's desire to push Planner adoption to move Trello users to O365, they haven't enabled the most fundamental integrations (Flow, PowerApps).  I noticed this dialog started in early 2016.  At one point an MS employee moved this to under review and planned.


MS - Will this be released in Feb/March 2017?  As an O365 E3 customer, my organization of well over 600 IT resources still uses Trello/Slack as they have proven to generate improved productivity vs O365 apps.  I applaud your efforts to compete.... but your speed of feature delivery simply needs to increase.

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The ability to create flows based on task and event changes within planner in O365