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Office 365 Planner



Will you implement Flow for Office 365 Planner also, if so do you have any ETA for this?


Thanks for an excellent solution so far!

Status: Completed

Good news: you can now create planner tasks with the new connector. Read more here: - if you have futher requests for planner please open new suggestions. Thanks!

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Same here. Would like to make some more flows or maybe a possibilty to connect my plan of Office 3654 Planner to Zapier. Without this it's no use to use Planner nor Flow. 

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I would really like if we could create a flow from outlook to planner. If possible map it to a particular bucket.

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Same here, would love to populate Excel rows with titles and other attributes from Planner using Flow. Thanks.

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This would be so helpful!!!

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+ 1 vote for Planner - it's a great tool ... let's make it even better


All these comments are from 2016--any news on when this will be coming?  I'm using Planner in Teams to track my teams activities, but Teams is also not so great at notifications, so I'd like to create a Flow that lets people know that a task was assigned to them in Planner.

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I would second this

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We are using SharePoint lists heavily in our organization and we really like the Planner UI.  We would like a flow to create a Planner task for a user whenever the user is assigned a task in a SharePoint list.

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A status up-date would be nice.

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Me too